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When you’re alive.

you have to fight for peace, fight for your sanity.

but when your dead

peace is the easiest thing ever, so much that it even comes naturally

and sanity isnt something to be worried aboout when you’re dead,

you just literally go with the flow.

Death. My old friend.

I await your cold embrace when my time comes.

Just…try to not take a long time, this earthly existence is exhausting.

people dont seem to understand how difficult it is for me to cage the beast within me.

no one seems to appreciate the amount of patience it takes for me to remain calm and civil on a daily basis.

all people see is a quiet individual.

all im trying to do is be a friend, an ally.

and all these fucks do is tempt the demon within me.

they provoke my madness.

im tired of tolerating.

im tired of turning the other cheek.

im tired of pretending nothing is wrong.

im tired of people thinking they can lie, deceive and walk all over me only because i don’t do anything to people who wrong me.


becuase i dont get even.

i annihilate.

so i choose to stay civil by any means necessary.

but, the line has been crossed, and i invited my demon to come out and play.

Pray for your soul, because prey is what it is for my hungry demonic friend.

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